Intellectual Property Rights

Intellectual Property plays a vital role in the modern economy.  Intellectual Property can be regarded as a single generic term that protects applications of novel ideas and information that are of commercial value.

The IPR framework in India is stable and well established from a legal, judicial and administrative point of view. The laws of Intellectual Property Rights touch every industry in one way or the other and specifically apply to organizations involved in activities such as Artistic, Literary, Musical, Technical or Scientific works. 

Our credentials are firmly reflected in the wide range of non-contentious and contentious advisories in this Practice Area. Our experience in this area sweeps across all areas of Intellectual Property Rights, including Patents, Trademarks, Copyrights, Designs, and Protection of confidential information. We also have successfully represented our clients in various proceedings at various tribunals and courts. 

We assist our clients in obtaining registration and renewal under prescribed categories, for Patents, Copyrights, Trademarks, Industrial Design and Protection of semiconductor layout design. 

Our Team is endorsed by international knowledge and expertise, supporting domestic and international companies to promote and protect their brands and products. Our Team has worked on few of the most significant counterfeit and piracy matters. 

Our dedicated lawyers are vested with articulate knowledge of Intellectual Property Litigation. We successfully bring together highly qualified and experienced Intellectual Property Rights litigation lawyers with specialist knowledge and experience. Our Team is adept at dealing with the legal and procedural uniqueness of the Indian legal system ensuring that a consistent advantage is maintained in favour of our clients. 

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Sidhartha Srivastava

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