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Dec 17 2019
"Is the clock ticking for TikTok in India?" authored by Mr. Santosh Pai, Partner (Head of China Desk) and Mr. Abhishek Sharma, Partner published in China Business Law Journal.
By China Business Law Journal - dated 17th December 2019

Check out the article on "Is the clock ticking for TikTok in India?" authored by Mr. Santosh Pai, Partner (Head of China Desk) Mr. Abhishek Sharma, Partner published in the November issue of China Business Law Journal.


"In 2018, about 44 out of the top 100 most downloaded internet applications in India were from Chinese developers. The most popular among them was TikTok. Earlier this year, the globally popular social media video application, which allows its users to create and share short videos, got embroiled in a legal battle in India."


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