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Jan 28 2021
Time's up: TikTok to shut operations in India after permanent ban
By Business Standard - dated 28th January 2021

Read the story “Time's up: TikTok to shut operations in India after permanent ban”, where our Partner and Head - China Desk, Santosh Pai shared his expert views with Business Standard.

"When the ban came into force, internet companies were an easy target for the Indian government. If the border situation had been resol­ved in one or two months, the Indian government could have allowed TikTok and other Chinese apps to continue operations, with a few safeguards, but in the past six months, there has been no improvement in the border situation. TikTok has a global and an Indian problem. That TikTok is Chinese owned has been a problem in many countries. Eventually, to get around this issue they might sell to a US company. This might be a permanent global solution. India may then choose to review the situation. If they do not change ownership, I don’t think India will be open for TikTok."

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